First Thursday Club: Attend our monthly webinar

RSK Biocensus hosts the First Thursday Club, a scientific, specialist-led webinar on the first Thursday of each month, covering a wide range of current environmental and ecological issues. On Thursday, 6 January, we kicked off the new year with our first session of 2022: “A class act? Changes in environmental regulation” in response to the November release of the Environment Act 2021. During the session, RSK Biocensus Managing Director, Tim Hounsome, provided key insights into the new act’s potential effects on developers as well as environmental and ecological consultants. He also shared ideas on how to move forward with our efforts to rewild the landscape, despite continuing global development.

Theme of the month: Changes in environmental regulation

RSK Wilding will continue to explore topics surrounding the Environment Act 2021 throughout the month of January. As this law impacts significantly on our work and interweaves tightly with our ethos of rewilding, it’s key that we continue to discuss the Environment Act 2021 and changes to our environmental legislation more broadly. Keep up to date, read more and join the conversation on our LinkedIn and Twitter channels.

RSK Biocensus and RSK Wilding: Who we are

RSK Biocensus is a leading ecological consultancy offering expertise and a range of services across large infrastructure developments and small-scale or private residential projects. Part of the wider RSK group, RSK Biocensus brings together ecological services and RSK’s in-house expertise, giving its clients access to the UK’s largest ecology skills network. RSK Biocensus ensures a strategic and considerate approach to biodiversity and carbon emissions in every project. At RSK Wilding, we take this further by leading on using rewilding to offset clients’ carbon and ecological impacts, either during the development and planning stages of a project or by rewilding large expanses of open land on clients’ behalf.