Wild East Rewilding


RSK Wilding has been supporting Wild East with advice regarding funding mechanisms to support their rewilding aspirations, seeking to connect them with industrial partners looking to offset their carbon and biodiversity footprints, so helping Wild East accelerate their rewilding vision for the East Anglia region.

Project Background:

Wild East is a rewilding movement with a mission to make the whole of East Anglia “one of the biggest, best-connected and restored nature reserves in the world” and restore 20 % of East Anglia to natural habitat.

The Wild East team are part of the local farming and business community, aiming to return 250,000 hectares of land to nature, and, through educational initiatives, bring nature into the classroom.

Scope of services:

RSK Wilding are Wild East’s delivery partner, offering support spanning:

  • Baseline habitat mapping using UK Habitat Classification.
  • Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) technical support including calculation of Biodiversity Units.
  • Landscape mapping of natural capital assets (such as flood protection and natural solutions to climate change) across all East Anglia.
  • Support with stakeholder engagement.
  • Development of rewilding designs for landowners to ensure access to funding to support habitat restoration, rewilding and nature conservation work.
  • Partnerships to access high-value grants.
  • Guidance on routes to market to fund rewilding restoration work, including BNG, carbon offsetting and payments for ecosystem services.
  • Access to specialists from across the RSK Group, such as soil scientists, regenerative farming experts and natural capital specialists.

The partnership is in its early stages; however, our collaboration has given Wild East technical guidance to help accelerate their vision for rewilding in East Anglia. Our aim is to provide the technical expertise to help Wild East to maximise the environmental benefits of their ambitious and extremely ‘nature positive’ vision for this part of eastern England.