Because of their belief in the power of rewilding to restore landscapes through activities such as rewetting areas to recreate wetlands, planting trees and reintroducing species, a group of ecologists and environmental specialists established RSK Wilding in 2020.

RSK Wilding has a concise and science-led ethos. We advocate a low-intervention, bottom-up approach. We only create or restore habitats to reawaken nature. Ultimately, we want to restore the ecosystem processes that are vital to humanity.

We want to make rewilding possible for conservation organisations, altruistic landowners and large businesses. We have the skillset, passion and project experience to help our clients diversify their incomes and achieve biodiversity net gain. We also facilitate community groups and philanthropists that want to invest in UK landscapes and leave a legacy for future generations.

What we do is ultimately the product of teamwork and cross-collaboration. We are a people-powered unit. We provide outstanding consultancy services by being competent, well-motivated and ambitious, and by hiring enthusiastic professionals. As an evolving and progressive company, we welcome enquiries to create a thriving business.

Although our specialised positions are diverse and multifaceted, they follow some general criteria, including

→ using the Defra Biodiversity Metric 3.0 to calculate biodiversity net gain to offset biodiversity impacts

→ using botanical and UK Habitat Classification survey skills to assess the baseline biodiversity of sites and recommend enhancements

→ having a track record in habitat restoration at scale

→ understanding the implications of the Environment Act 2021

→ advising on the use of nature-based solutions to offset client or development carbon emissions

→ understanding the additional natural capital benefits of habitat restoration and creation

→ working easily on small- and large-scale UK projects, and with clients, investors and stakeholders

→ working with local planning authorities and councils to help deliver offsets

→ working alongside farmers to develop biodiversity enhancement on their land through habitat restoration and regenerative farming.

Begin your journey with RSK

Join RSK to begin a career, not a job. We guarantee an environment in which you can grow, develop your skills and become a leader with rich industry experience. Immerse yourself in complex projects around the world from one of our offices in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. RSK values hard-working, dedicated individuals. A role in RSK will challenge you to apply a creative, flexible attitude as you work on fascinating projects in sectors in the natural and built environment. With us, you can craft a flexible and global career. Be a force for change. Be the catalyst that helps our business grow.

Experienced professionals

Our company is growing fast and now employs more than 7000 people thanks to our diverse operations, entrepreneurial spirit and open management style. Our autonomous business units work together to create new and exciting opportunities. When you join RSK, you are not joining a disconnected corporate company; you are connecting to a growing community of experts and specialists who regularly collaborate to deliver projects and support each other across business units.

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