Through a combination of buying our own land and managing that of others, we can restore the natural processes of currently degraded land specifically with the purposes of enhancing biodiversity, improving water quality, reducing flood risk and sequestering carbon. We work with a range of clients from large-scale developers to passionate individuals.

RSK Wilding’s experts assess the best approach for each individual site and carry out select actions to enhance biodiversity, for example, digging ponds or sowing wildflower meadows; improve carbon sequestration by, for example, planting trees or reinstating peatland; or otherwise benefit the ecosystem services of the land.

Whatever we do, it will always be through open and transparent consultation with neighbouring landowners, the relevant nature conservation bodies and other interested parties. Our aim is to do the right thing for the area where we are working and optimise the biodiversity and carbon benefits for our clients while also maximising other environmental gains.

In each case, we will talk you through the options, discuss your aims and objectives, and design a solution that best works for your situation.

We have the technical expertise, practical experience, scientific know-how and passionate drive to help you make a real difference.