If you are an non-governmental organisation or a community group that has brought together like-minded people to create a landscape-scale rewilding project but you are lacking the financial resources to get the project off the ground, we can help by acting as a broker between you and people or organisations needing to offset their carbon or biodiversity impacts.

How we can help.

A key aspect of RSK Wilding’s ethos is the community benefit that rewilding can deliver, whether it is a sense of place, access to the countryside, nature education or even local employment. We are very keen to work with local groups and communities to help make this happen, perhaps by designing the scheme together, helping local communities with biodiversity monitoring or even helping them to access funding streams.

→ We are particularly interested in taking forward rewilding projects close to urban areas to bring nature to those people who do not normally have access to it.
→ Wherever we can, we will include educational facilities, interpretation boards, bird hides, etc., within our projects to teach future generations about the importance of our sites for helping to reverse climate change and biodiversity loss.
→ The well-being benefits of nature are well understood, so we are keen that our rewilding sites provide, wherever possible, a recreational and an educational resource for the local community.
→ There may even be local employment opportunities on our rewilding sites, for example, through camping and tourism, education or livestock management and deer control.

What we can do for you.