If you are a developer needing to obtain some offsets to achieve biodiversity net gain (BNG) on a project, we could either do this on your own non-operational land or we could do this on someone else’s land. Your money would be used to pay for all the work necessary to ensure that not only is biodiversity enhanced but also this is clearly demonstrated, including site establishment, management and monitoring.

How we can help.

It will soon be mandatory for developments in the UK to deliver 10% biodiversity net gain (BNG). For many developments, this will be difficult to achieve on-site, so RSK Wilding may be able to deliver biodiversity offsets for you.

→ We can assess the number of biodiversity units (BU) on your site both before and after development using the Defra Biodiversity Metric and we can potentially use this to modify your scheme to reduce the number of BUs you may need to offset.
→ Retaining habitats on-site and creating biodiverse landscaping can significantly reduce the amount of offsetting you require, while also enhancing your development.
→ Any residual BUs required after this process can then be purchased through RSK Wilding
→ Where possible, we would hope to have a rewilding project available that is close to your development, as the ‘value’ of BUs currently diminishes with distance from the source of impact, i.e., your development site.
→ For those developments where many BUs are required to achieve BNG, we could potentially create a bespoke rewilding project just for that scheme, either buying land specifically or working with a local landowner keen to use their land for this purpose.

What we can do for you.