If you are a farmer seeking extra revenue for good environmental work on your land, we could help you to access funds above and beyond the new Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme. Any rewilding or other biodiversity enhancement you do that exceeds the measures included in the ELM scheme could potentially be funded through RSK Wilding. We can be the link between you and those organisations needing to offset their environmental impacts.

How we can help.

The more biodiversity enhancement you do, the more you can benefit from biodiversity net gain (BNG) payments; however, revenue from farming the land will clearly be lost, so a balance needs to be struck. Our aim is always to work with landowners to design a proposal that works best for them; we do not impose our vision on you, rather we work with you to create a plan that that meets your aims and objectives.

→ We can design a solution that includes as much or as little rewilding on your land as you wish.
→ We recognise that some landowners will want ‘pure’ rewilding for the whole of their landholding, while others will want to keep farming, at least to some extent.
→ We want good stewardship of the countryside to be a positive choice, both environmentally and commercially.
→ Depending on the nature of your land, we may also be able to access additional funds for natural capital benefits other than biodiversity, such as carbon sequestration, downstream flood protection or water quality improvement.
→ Where possible, we will always seek to bring you together with neighbouring landowners, as the benefits of rewilding and other environmental management measures always increase at scale – bigger, better, wilder!

What we can do for you.