If you are a private investor keen to leave a lasting legacy, we could either rewild your own land or purchase a new area of land specifically for that purpose. In the latter case, we would use our expertise in ecology and land management to identify a site that would maximise the environmental benefits for the least investment. In that way, we can optimise your legacy and contribute even more to future generations.

How we can help.

What better way to leave a legacy than to set aside a large area of land for nature? If you are keen to make a contribution in this way, we can work with you to find the perfect place to do it.

→ This could either be on your own land or it could be that we purchase some land on your behalf and select a location that not only fits with your aspirations but also maximises biodiversity gain and other natural capital benefits.
→ It could be that you want to find the perfect wild place to retire to; in which case, we could select and design a scheme around your needs so that you can be surrounded by the nature you are supporting.
→ In addition to reversing biodiversity loss, your land could also have a wide variety of additional benefits, including beyond its boundaries.
→ These benefits could include mitigating climate change through increased carbon sequestration, for example, through tree planting, wetland creation or peat restoration; reducing downstream flooding; or improving water quality within the catchment.

What we can do for you.