CCC Landscape Partnership


Working with the Chalk, Cherries and Chairs Landscape Partnership, we were able to support landowners to deliver both high quality habitat on their land and to work more closely with their neighbours in collaborative approaches to land management.

Project background:

The Chalk, Cherries and Chairs Landscape Partnership is a five-year National Lottery Heritage Funded Landscape Partnership Scheme being delivered in the Central Chilterns.

Working in partnership with a wide range of National, Regional and Local partners, Chalk, Cherries and Chairs aims to record, enhance and restore wildlife habitats, landscape features and cultural heritage features of the Central Chilterns. This will create new opportunities to investigate and celebrate the cultural and natural heritage of the Central Chilterns, inspiring a wider range of people to become stewards for their local heritage as part of the Landscape Connections initiative.

Scope of services:

The Chalk, Cherries and Chairs Landscape Partnership commissioned RSK Wilding to undertake surveys of eight farms that are part of the Central Chilterns Farm Cluster, to inform the natural heritage component of the Partnership’s programme.

RSK Wilding carried out:

  • An initial desk-based study to provide an ecological and historical context baseline for each farm.
  • An initial discussion with each farmer to discuss farming approaches and ideas.
  • A visit to the farm parcels where an assessment was made of the habitats and ecological features encountered, with key farm features for habitat enhancement and management identified.

Options were discussed with farmers to explain the details of the recommendations for biodiversity enhancement and possible funding mechanisms available to achieve this.

Our recommendations will help to restore, manage, create and connect habitats across the Central Chilterns project area, increasing the number of hectares of connected habitat in active and positive management and increasing species presence, range and abundance.